Don't Swallow The New World Order-Until You Choose One Of The Old!

[ Thursday, June 7th ] Did you like any at all? Romans? How about the U.S. of A? How about the British Empire? No! These are not your culprits. The methodologies these employed were of the common right to enterprise variety.

Cecil B. Rhodes was one who thought to unite the exploitation of vasts territories within

the altruistic presumption that the aborigine, half man, half devil, was not capable of achievement. And, looking at things purely from a competitive point of view, he was quite right. The American Indian fared likewise. Yet, it is not the strong that we need to fear; it is the weak. The New World Order that really is a threat is the one that convinces us of our equality in weakness. For once that has been achieved, any strong will gladly be accepted and allowed to rule.

Therefore, the candidates for New World Order are chosen and accused from amid the ranks of the powerfully weak as a diversionary tactic. Zionists, ah, there we go; the rich! Sorry, it is the poor we must fear. And, speaking of religion, the greatest theological dismemberment is Christianity. It has moved from a path and a way; to a morality dispensation that has led us totally astray.

Emancipation Theology is just as foreign to Christ teaching as the weak and gentile moralist meme. Nothing illustrates this better than George Bernard Shaw's "Major Barbara".

There, is just as much potential for God in manufacturing weapons of death and destruction as there is in distilling spirits. It all depends on whether these are for weddings or for the Israeli Defense Forces. Or, alternatively, for the perverse enemies of Zion, Christ, and the Holy Land.

It is the weak who need to congregate in gangs of their equals.

ofachievibconstructing a destiny for himself without help. Not at all far from what the American colonists thought.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I'll have to postpone this, yet agai

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