Hearing Voices is a Spiritual Thing; but, Spirits Can Talk About Whatever You Attract! From Mohammad

When Socrates (399 BC) was accused of "failing to acknowledge the gods that the city acknowledges", and, "introducing new deities," he was not charged with hearing voices. This, even though, Socrates admittedly communed with a daemon who had thoughts independent from his own. Even so he was made to drink the Hemlock.

There may be an exception to the above pragmatic usage of the effect; and, apart from madness or a higher self accessed, it's in such case as one's daemon is actually a demon, or, in fact, the case that what ultimate wisdom as keeps entropy at bay and positive creativity rolling on, might want to share a word with you. There's a way to tell: Dialectic analysis and/or historical corroboration.

In the hallowed halls of Harvard, there regularly march, fresh from Brigham Young University, the latest offspring of the original Latter Day Saints; and, they are embarrassingly intelligent. Such that their colleagues are eventually prone to suggest: "how can you believe such gobble-d-gook?" An elderly female missionary admitted: "I don't really believe in God; but the Mormon life style is wonderful."

So, too, can the life of the Ummah be, the community of Islamic believers. As a matter of fact Islam and the LDS are extraordinarily similar, with Mohammad perhaps one step up on Joseph Smith concerning the subject of polygamy. You might not want to join a gang, but when it sports almost unlimited wealth and jobs at Bain & Company, you realize that it beats breaking up rocks into cement or throwing rocks at the IDF in Palestine. Judaism had a wonderful track record of justification. It was the envy of all of its neighbors. Maybe that is why it is so hated. Maybe that's why Muhammad was subconsciously prone to explain away Jacob and his offspring Jesus. Maybe he longed to assimilate into something he could more readily control.

Anyway, on a flight to Frankfurt in 1982, Mitt Romney (as he often told the story) was accosted by a German passenger who refused to stop smoking even after Romney explained that it offended the moral scruples of his LDS beliefs. The German, in effect, said: make me! Romney beams as he describes his phone call through diplomatic channels to arrange for his revenge. When the German Military boarded the plane to take the miscreant away, Romney was triumphant. He was on the way, like all great Mormons, to godhood. That is, God was once like we, and we all will be as he; provided we get to the Celestial Kingdom. That is only possible via Celestial Marriage; and that kind is periodically declared off limits at peril of excommunication.

I first met Romney when he drove up to the semi-circular drive in front of the Longfellow Park Ward in Cambridge Massachusetts. The Saint's were inside, men in their General Priesthood meeting; women in their Relief Society, and I was sitting in the car with a gorgeous black beauty from the wrong side of the tracks. It was understood immediately that all was on the up and up . We smiled at each other. Still, a convert is far from the inner circle of something that illustrates itself for me best in the story of Bill Marriott and his Washington D.C. Hot Shop outside of the Capitol Building. His friend, the Senator from Utah, Reed Smoot would often stop by for a bite and a chat.

Reed, who had been elected in 1903, continued having an awful time keeping from being expelled from his seat. The problem was, as an apostle in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, he was being tussled about his Church's Polygamy beliefs. Though no-one could completely prove the charges, two leaders of the Qu0rum of Twelve, John W. Taylor and Matthias F. Cowley resigned in 1905 because of the issue. The Doctrine and Covenants Section 132 is indisputable: Joseph Smith claimed the practice of plural marriage and he practiced it accordingly. Brigham Young brought the institution into full swing in Salt Lake, housing his wives in the Lions House and other houses built for his wives.

I think just about everybody has heard the story: "If they put a dome over Salt Lake City it would be the biggest whore house in the world." The young lady who made that statement was pursed as a 14 year old by Brigham Young. She was reluctant to accept him but relented when he promised her two things: a house in which the staircase did not come down directly into the living room; and, one of the first Singer sewing machines. Well, she got the sewing machine but Brigham had forgotten about the stairs; they came right down into the living room. Furious, she took off running, pursued relentlessly by avengers from the tribe of Dan.

Having successfully escaped to Boston, she began to write stories in various newspapers about her life in Utah. Their popularity spread like wildfire and eventually led to an invasion of Utah by federal troops. During that operation, the hunted successor to Brigham (he, himself, having been poisoned) hid in a false wall and almost made it, before he had to sneeze and was discovered. John Taylor, third Prophet of the Church, promised: Polygamy is forever banned and disavowed. But not in Mexico and elsewhere. There a path to heaven was still open. But where is that path now? On pain of death, I haven't the foggiest idea; but know by faith and spirit that they have somehow found a way.

We wonder why there is not more accommodation between Islam and LDS. Both have taken truth and bent it to their tastes and peculiar imaginations, adding whatever seems to resonate within. Lorenzo Snow led the way: snow-job in wonderland. The Prophet Mohamed out did the Romans in his conquests. Someday the Mormons will try that too.

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