Don't Swallow Low Life Legitimacy - Opportunity Abounds Incontrovertibly - Until Unlimited Chanc

A deliberate counter meme has been circulating, at least since the early 20th century, and often a lot longer, that certain elites with superior knowledge are planing to eliminate much of the population. No! It's not the useful population that they have in mind. Are there useless people? Oh yes, useless even to themselves. Their hope lies in miscegenation. That, and machine programming, is what they hope will uplift. If there is a religion to help them, then certainly Christianity is it. Judaism is a spiritually attainable DNA boost that comes from and through our big messianic brother; and this ultimate intelligence of non-en tropic existence, the Holy Spirit is Israel's very only eternal Hashem.

However, we cannot be allowed to go there. A more popular meme purports to identify Illumined ones as Zionists, globalists, and Satanists. Well, we can be sure that it is not Satan. What he desires is the more the merrier to torment. Zionists, even the most unscrupulous, have absolutely no reason to want to be rid of goyim, who would they fleece? Unlike Christians, they have no other flock. Unscrupulous Christians have to rely on their own membership for wool and lamb chops. Unless they are working directly for Satan, then they have other rewards. Consider the new pro-abortion stance in Ireland. Then again, that's already been labeled: the Anti-Christ's man.

We are directed to view by proxy everything from social disadvantage, working class exploitation, cosmetic dissimilarity, and lack of financial acumen, as the result of mean exploitation; and we are given easy targets to throw against. The working class pub-crawlers of England, for example, are given David Icke's Lizards to look for; and this is their understanding of Trump's Peace stratagem.

This how communism started. The way to get attention is to tell a singer, let's say, that the reason they can't make it is not that they don't have talent, or that they don't work hard at cultivating it; they are told that powers way beyond their control are against them.

If it's not 400 years of oppression in Egypt, then it's space creatures with powers far above those of mortal men. Just like the Israelis in the wilderness, it takes 40 years to make them realize that they need the changing not their oppressors. Why did Joseph not get oppressed? God was with him. Is God with you? Well, are you with God? If you have faith then you will be far above mortal men and/or space creature demons who thrive on malevolence.

Oh, but maybe it's the banker cabal that resonates when you ponder life's failures. Do they turn you on as victimizers? How evil have they been to you? Would you really still like looking for work at an expanded Monticello as Jefferson's water carrier? There's a reason Alexander Hamilton is on the 10 dollar bill. You might have benefited from crowd sourcing, if you'd waited a century or so, and if Steve Jobs could have bought his garage in cash. Having J. P. Morgan Chase around when Trump was trying to finance his first major real estate purchase sure didn't hurt. As far as Rothschild goes, Europe wouldn't have to worry about the EU, Napoleon's offspring would still own the whole place; and Israel would be trembling in a ghetto.

There are two usable maxims that have been recommended for differentiating truth from what fiction rises up to surround it: Does it believe that Jesus died and rose three days later? Does it believe that he who blesses Israel will be blessed and he who curses Israel will be cursed? Does it trust and believe that Donald Trump has, and still will, more and more, help make America and Israel great? No? Then you can be sure that the truth is far from it.

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