Don't Swallow Conspiracy Theory--Unless You Swallow Hashem First--In Jerusalem:

Who could have dreamt that Kurds and not the People's Republic of China would become the new face of communism?

Could anyone have foretold that the best efforts of prancing European dandies to create a Fascist tyranny would be dashed against the dreams of their own originator, Count Coudhove Kalgeri?

It is an amazing start for this first century of the second millennium of our common era.

We look out of the window to see our familiar tree cast in a new hue, the mountains in the distance, not as stark and ominous as they once seemed.

How many countries are there in the world? There are not many yet. If you count those locating their embassies in the Capital of the One True Universe, Jerusalem, then so far, there are only four. Most interesting that the continent of America is most represented. Its United States of, Guatemala and Paraguay are the pioneers. Israel is in elevation, wisdom and nobility at its best, an oasis standing way out in front of a planetarium of dissed outsiders.

What this article aims to do, though, is to explore the world of conspiracy and test it against the reality of the present moment. We might use Paraguay as an example (hmnnh, I wonder what the Bush family thinks about having its private aquifer now represented in a holy land).

There you have it. Conspiracy. If you let it, it will stop you from getting in on the ground floor, being where it is all at, becoming part of the real global action village that you'd better get on board. What stops many is the reverse thinking always tossed out to make the very elite stumble. You're supposed to be afraid of Zionism, Rothschild(s), Lizards, crypt crawling Masons and Orwell's new world tyranny order.

It's not that George Orwell was wrong, it is that the globalism now beginning is a far cry from what your granddaddy thought it would be. Those Lizards met their apocalypse, at least for now, they were sent to sleep with the other dinosaurs when Donald J. Trump was elected president of these United States.

To give you an example, here is a picture of a man who, because his name is Rothschild, because he is Facebook's VP in charge of engineering, got his face plastered with rhetoric that would have been absurd to spout, even had he believed it. The telling thing is that the sentiments expressed do actually belong to a segment of society desperate to shift the blame for their diabolical views onto others.

So do we still need to wipe out 99% of the population? No. We Rothschild(s) (I wish) only need to get rid of Gaza rioter sympathizers. That, of course, would get rid of 51% of the population; still, what a magnificent cost reduction for the global planned parenthood crowd. Thanks be to the Donald (l.o.l). See, George Orwell never tried projecting far enough: there where the non entropic universal intelligence originally wanted to start, where it has now, in fact started, means that the "I Am that I Am" has now become the "It Is that It Is".

According to the playwright, the Kingship comes from the Lost Tribes, in Great Britain or from the Igbo Land of Nigeria, or both. Thus, even that prophecy must be fulfilled before the curtain goes down on the second act of ....... "Taming of the Shrew". Only after all that, comes a real tribulation, one that would have frightened Orwell himself. Still, Jerusalem prevails.

Is that the Kingdom of Heaven?

No, that destination requires no long journey to reach. It is an internal dimension. It is a conspiracy of the heart acting in unison with Hashem and his offspring.

So, what we want to do is prepare everything. If we are far from tribulation or not so far, we can't go wrong in preparing for both eventualities. Of course, if you are among the "we'll fly away crowd", just make sure you catch the right flight. The anti-Christ can be very tricky. You will be expecting Lizards and find Jesus, or the other way around.

What we are going to be launching soon is called, it is a companion to it won't be a blog. It's a collection of designs for survival. We must remember that we have been, and are in a war to maintain our free will and our independence from whatever tyranny seeks to stifle it. We will have to be the resistance in a world where even the resistance is spun into the opposite of itself.

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