Don't Swallow Conspiracy Blight - One Day's View From The Window Is Tomorrow's Different

When Count Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi was born (1894), he already held aristocratic citizenship in what might be considered internationalist heaven.

He was a dreamer, nevertheless. With Heinrich von Coudenhove-Kalergi being an Austro-Hungarian diplomat married to Mitsuko Aoyama, she gave birth to Richard in Japan; and while he was growing up, her son, being told of his aristocratic roots going back from their Flemish origins, extending even to Byzantine Venice, kicked in big time in Greece where the family became incredibly wealthy, linked to the Phokas imperial dynasty. Richard, or as he was then known as: and he envisioned a United States of Europe along the same lines. The principles came from his father. No antisemitism, no slacking off, and from his own interest in Masonry.

Ah, for the Alex Jones types: no more might need be said. But his dad was a Roman catholic who took umbrage at the dictum: "oremus et pro perfidis Judaeis." (let us also pray for the faithless Jews) and turned tables on his own father. Heinrich became a Zionist thinker. Richard took that and added Masonry. Wow! There's conspiracy: eye at the top of the pyramid, the illumined whispering in crypts.

In point of fact, his dream of a United States of Europe was not such a bad one. Churchill loved it, many found it too idealistic. It was a utopian idea, he admitted. But as he was found of saying: all great activity started from utopian aspirations and wound up as at least half better than nothing. Obviously, Richard was a bit of a philosopher, an admirer of Oswald Spengler's Fall of Western Civilization. He advocated a mixed race of brownish people who would be reminiscent of Egyptians. This would be in line what is being tried in the British line with the Royal Wedding of Saturday. Stop the second cousin stuff and it's debilitating half witted outcomes.

What Richard would never have condoned is a socialism that precluded the benign rule of aristocratic gentlemen; and he would never, ever, have accepted the importation of terrorism to enable the reign of self righteous feudalistic lower class meme Nazis.

Did Richard ever envision something like what actually became of Europe under the EU? The answer is yes! It came to him suddenly along with the terrorist attacks at the Munich Olympics; and, unfortunately, came also together with his own death; perhaps as a suicide, perhaps he was even murdered. It was certainly a shock to him.

1972 was a pivotal year. In that year, conspiracy, real and wanton, took of to prove its flight theory; and what had been speculated upon, rose to an in your face reality! It wasn't even half good. Here was the cutoff point. On the other side of the mirror: true conspiracy was revealed. A waking up, after having awakened a first time, a going to sleep after, a groundhog day that was to keep repeating and repeating with the details getting worse every morning; until the dawn of Donald J. Trump.

There was a breed of intelligence agency thinking attending the admiration of Count Coudenhove Kalegri and his utopic ponderings. These were the likes of the Dulles Brothers and Wild Bill Donovan, of OSS and CIA grounding fame. This was in the era of Operation Paperclip and anything that could preserve American Hegemony. Abou Daoud, who supposedly masterminded the Munich Massacre, is alleged to have had contacts with neo-Nazi activists in Germany seven weeks prior to the attack.

The Shriner group are a higher form of Freemasonry. Upon reaching the 33rd degree of ordinary Masonry you switch to an Islamic centered view that dances naked around a box wearing the Fez. It differs only in that the view held is one where all roads lead to Allah. Somewhat reminiscent of the Bahai view, or the many avatar concept of Hinduism. The question is: was Albert Pike involved in this as a Lucifer centered concept?

Communism is involved in Count Richard's deliberations as well. He foresaw the cross interaction between capitalism and communism and that it would have an ameliorating effect. The Baader-Meinhof group that was running around in Germany in that 1972 year; was a hybrid Maoist/neo-nazi group. Again, it is not the pudding, and not the ingredients that this poison makes; it is the utilitarian usage, the intent of their makers.

Against this is a love affair:

When Richard Coudenhove Kalergi came to Austria and finished middle school, he began his studies towards a doctorate in Philosophy at the University of Vienna. To the chagrin of his family, especially his mother, he fell in love with a Jewish singer. She is pictured above, much later, with the famous writer Thomas Mann. The Nazis took his degree away from him. He would not get it back until 1955 after years of appeal. The family had forbidden marriage to Ida Roland. The Nazi's still branded Kalergi a Jew. So, as a Jew, at heart; what Kalegri envisioned was far different than what the EU made of his ideas. For both Christian and Jew, ruler-ship from Zion is a given. What attempts to reverse that concept; and also to degrade, what Kalegri called the aristocracy of the spirit, the noblese oblige of life and creativity, was put down as exactly that which he was against. Death was the only escape.

And, in the end we have to ask: as far as Royal Weddings go, which was the better?

This kind .....

or this .......

Prince Phillip has said that he wants to be reincarnated as a deadly virus.

Times are always a changing. Our goal is to discern the difference between good and evil.

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