Enemy Positions in a "hot" War to End the Cold Effects of Toxic Propaganda:

As Jerusalem's glorious day arrived with celebrations of Hashem, its enemies rage in impotent bluster. They perceive their twilight of the gods. Astounded by the majesty of such unnameable divinity as gave Trump and Netanyahu the victory to make things right against all odds, they persist in petulant hysteria as their old empire dissolves before them.

We will never forget the harm they caused and the tactics they introduced. None ripped at hearts as badly as their virulent control of the news.

While news can become fake by wishful political zeal (or sometimes even wrong by honest mistake), trash news is introduced for salacious political diversion, there is also very toxic and deliberate sabotage of events by subliminal messaging and outright treasonous subversion by hard to pin down enemy forces.

A case in point reveals itself as an article in the Washington Post, written by former Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, and picked up proudly by Russia's Sputnik News. McFaul pretends himself to be Putin's worst nightmare while belittling Trump's foreign policy as confused and inept while upping Obama's.

SPUTNIK: "According to the Washington Post, the al-Tanf base's fate illustrates the confusion characterizing President Trump's response to Iran's increasing "political and military influence across the region."

Actually, McFaul was an Obama appointee and Hillary adjunct who came complete with the kind of faux boy scout patriotism image that politicians love to make use of, confuse and abuse with.

He represents exactly the kind of Soros type conspirator that fostered a Hillary on us in the first place, who caused the anti-Christian Georgian atrocity under Bill Clinton, prompted the Ukrainian uprising, and came very close to creating a democracy in Russia (and in the U.S.) that was manageable by the will of their own meme productions.

So, if we today find that Putin looks upon us with a wary eye, views U.S. policy as something fickle, potentially nefarious, not to be trusted too far, it is not in small part due to McFaul.

Tracing the background and affiliations of these people is always revealing; and, it usually follows similar patterns. Oxford is often somewhere in the scene. It means someone is looking to use you to advantage by improving you (in this case St. John's, a Rhodes scholarship, a PhD in philosophy). Then there are certain think tanks, endowments and themes like "International Peace." At the Hover Institute, and as a Peter and Helen Bing Senior Fellow, McFaul was the architect of Obama's policy on Russia. In 2009 he authored the "Russian Reset Policy". Then in 2011 Obama made him U.S. Ambassador to Russia. In Moscow he was quickly identified as one desiring regime change there.

While seeming to represent an opposite view, McFaul actually represents the same view most Democrats do. He supports the views of an "International Community" and condones its existence. He pretends that democracy is a good goal regardless of the consequences, which, once an electorate has lost its mind or become brainless, makes it the easiest means to achieve complete domination and control by a cynical elite. Why would St. John's have such an influence in today's world of thought? Is it that the desperate Fabians have won out so completely over the conservatives? Why would anybody want a Clinton? Why would anyone want to create an Obama. Why is communism preferable to exceptionalism?

When asked how he would reconcile his desire to study at Oxford on a Rhodes scholarship, considering that Rhodes was a white supremacist, and what he would do with such blood money, McFaul answered: I will use it to bring down such regimes. Well, then he was accepted. The Fabians have produced every thing from Nehru to Tony Blair; and they have supported scientifically planned societies and eugenics. H. G. Wells parodied the Fabians in his novel, the "New Machiavelli' and conservative elements have also adopted their fantasies in partnerships that extended to think tanks more interested in the kind of utopia of elitism over the rabble that the Fabians took for granted. So, whether a Castro in a fishing boat or a Bush on private aquifer in Paraguay, the main idea is to remain feud-ally elite over the masses that one uses as a political support for it: rugged Montana landlords or the ever yammering poor. Russia, with its largest land mass filled with lowest populations, would make an excellent fiefdom for both Fabians and Lords.

How excellent, then, that Israel, who is representative of divine intelligence in nature, a true aristocracy created and chosen by divine manifestation and announced prophetically as the inheritors and law givers for the earth and its rulers, would be the ones to thwart both left and right political abusers in their presumptuous endeavors.

So let us rejoice in the truth and its certainty! May G-d's mighty power always spoil the hand of fouler and make us immune to the venom of the serpent. May Israel and the shiny renewal of the United States of America be mightily blessed.

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