Rewards and Monetary Incentives --Why Russia Balances on the Brink! Don't Swallow Collusion: Thi

While most agree that Kim Jong-un ought to be given economic incentive or some reward for ditching his nuclear program (after all, South Korea took advantage of such to launch its miraculous economy), no one seems to wonder what Russia might need in return for diminishing its cooperation with Iran in Syria.

After establishing 10 bases in Assad's realm, . ran was asking for yet more; and they wanted a naval base. His refusal came under some Russian pressure (according to DEBKA and Asia Times). When Netanyahu and Putin spoke at that Military Veterans Day Parade in Moscow, the Israeli Prime Minister asked two things: Would Russia block Iranian moves; and, if not, would he at least not actively thwart Israel's ongoing attempts to do so? Russia agreed only to the later.

Moral: Unless you are willing and able to render your beast and be done with it, beating it with a stick without dangling a carrot is counterproductive. Donald Trump knows that only too well that those "representatives" of such US policy as preceded his was largely wholly self serving. They threatened sticks and attempted to sell any carrots via bribes to themselves.

Some made their own personal deals; others worked their relatives in; even others did it for the kudos that an established international community was able to offer; prestigious residuals accruing and guaranteed lucrative speaking tours.

A Compendium of Misdeeds and One Sided Dealings, especially as regards Ukraine and Election collusion, is outlined below in the addendum:

The business of these cynical and greedy pales before what they accuse others of; and they accuse and accuse like a mouse fanatically trying to find a morsel to nibble on. They try to make up for their lack of talent by mimicking what is meme and obeying their powerful masters.

A, at least, pragmatically honest business man knows that finding greater opportunities for all involved will make the most money in the end. Sharing profit makes for a grander deal. A fair trader does this to advantage. Perhaps, soon, a fairer trader will even deal in Putin.

We can picture how this might work by considering the current aluminum sanctions and those against Oleg Deripaska (who also is a correspondent in the Paul Manafort case [yes, as Joe Biden said: "shame has its limits" and you don't have to be too ashamed when making hay. Oleg's jet lease cancellation and his damaged RUSAL Aluminum business are a good case in point: why worry about competition when even Iceland produces as much aluminum as the United States. Russia produces one tenth of the the amount of China.

It would seem like the greater goal would be to first stop China in its tracks before fighting it out among the small fry. Then there's the smelting processes that can be upgraded. Uniting Europe, Russia, and a whole host of worried one belt watchers, would make those great that didn't need communist monopolies to make them so. Reward spread out among increasingly among like minded friends is better than trying to slug it out with snowflake communist ant farm businesses.

Our History of Helping Russia Become Our Vassal State: Our Compendium of Cynical Sociopaths!

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