If you’re on Satan’s side, standards may cause hurtful unease. If you’re a snowflake, hug your morally correct cabbage mind doll:

Monday, April 30th, 2018: Unusually heavy Israeli military traffic heads north on highway 6. We are waiting for Prime Minister Netanyahu to address the nation. The PM will has been granted authority to declare war in extreme situations with only defense minister approval.

Thursday April 26, 2018

The Precision Project -- Air Corridor for military freight brings Iran's new precision missiles for use against Israel. Tested by Houhtis, developed covertly at Syrian airbases, so far used against Saudi land and sea targets, now thought (by DEBKA) to be about to target tankers headed to Israeli ports and endanger offshore gas rigs.

Tuesday April 17, 2018

COHESIVE WAR FRONT BUILT (“The Lebanese army has joined Hezbollah, the Syrian army and the foreign Shiite militias under Iranian command along Israel’s northern borders.” Defense Minister Lieberman said on Monday.


● The Shayrat and Dumair airbases, (40 hardened bunkers housed Syrian Mig-29 and Sokhoi-24 fighters and more of those Russian trained 4th Division army brigades that had escaped previous strikes at Dumair.) Pro-Iranian Hezbollah's media service reported that most intercepted by Syrian air defenses; anyway, here was the firepower that had regained eastern Ghouta. ●●● Mayor of Naples slams US Nuclear Sub berthed.

Add these to your previous scorings: ● Mezze Airbase leveled near Damascus (Iran's Zolfaqar & Qiam missiles, along with their launchers) ● Jibil Qasioun base, north of Damascus, destroyed (had been modernized by Iran for use by Lebanese Hezbollah) ● Iran funded Chemical Weapons Center & Barzeh military-research base (In the who's gassing who mystery, 15 IRGC Quds Force advisors were left dead though 90% of staff had evacuated after strikes announced) ● Artesh’s Shahid Nojeh Air Base in the western Iranian province of Hamedan (beefed up today by Russian heavy strategic Tu-95 and Tu-22M bombers) The troika here, and those that had thought to bring endless misery to humanity by meme manipulation, are being slapped back. This also displeases the New World Order holdovers and their wet dreams: Divine Will can not be bullied or used for political domination. Keep score carefully! It’s also your political home that will feel cleansing and the draining of swamps pumped from your mind. In the end, good and common sense triumphs. Hah, Assad’s Syrian children who were studying Russian may, yet, not have to live in an Iranian/Hezbollah colony with the evil one’s proud blessing. Ah, but the unseen battle is in Iran itself. The fires of Mazda may have to be endured once again. The vehicle pictured below belongs to Iranian Special Forces Riot units:

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