Neo-OLD and Corny NEW--It's Tomorrow's HIP!

For all the world, it matters! What was once old and kitschy, will be new and exciting tomorrow.

Still, we all seem supporting a cynical yesterday mood.

At what price peace, freedom and prosperity? As always, the good town's people must drive the tyrants out: There must always be a gunfight at the OK Corral. When our new sheriff took office, the first thing he had to do is clean up Tombstone. Criminals had taken over.

It had infected the whole world. The Bush and Clinton scoundrels took a cold and jaundiced foreign policy road; Arab springing at democracy was a meme that they wanted to use for their own nefarious purposes. They did!

Then, in a setting reminiscent of a medieval palaver, Good Kings came together to access the situation and agreed to stop the deaths: work for peace and mutual prosperity.

The good Kings who came forward for a people not their own, though they had another God, would help secure their home.This most amazing

tribute to their love and common sense: Appreciate it boldly and don’t take it as offense.Ml How will that save America and make it great? Only common decency and divine providence ever did. It is this same divinity that will officially be "permitted" to sit in Jerusalem. Let's not imagine that we can lie a fake meme, or fool everyone always.

So sheriff Trump tugged a lot; he pulled at common sense. He even roused a renewing desire for a globe on the fence. In a setting reminiscent of a medieval palaver, good kings came forward, eventually, they even found it in their hearts to include a people not their own and though the had another God.

This most amazing

tribute to human common sense must be appreciated boldly and gratefully. Terror would no longer be wanted by a majority in the Middle East.

How will that save America and make it great? Only common decency and divine providence ever did. It is this same divine nature that will officially be permitted to sit in Jerusalem.

No my friends, let no one imagine that we can lay forever in a bad meme, or fool always. This changing time reflects back to our post WWII when we saw the world through Roy Roger and John Wayne eyes; it was hopeful, romantic and pretty.

But; it won't let itself be pushed around.

Jews know that Hasehm is with them now as ever before; and Christians, well, their messiah said: Everyone can love their friends; but I say: go love your enemies. Be perfect like your Father in Heaven is.

That's sometimes hard to understand; until, we remember that Jesus whipped the money lenders in the temple. I think little Loretta Lynn (pictured above) says it best: "Some need a hugging; some need a changing; some need a spanking; and more are on the way!

Mix - Loretta Lynn - One's On The Way: http// v=yMzSYyjNb74&list=RDyMzSYyjNb74

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