The seats of monarchy spring their centers and flow streams of life in erratic patterns of privileged refreshment. Such opulence started in the Garden of Eden and burst forth its blossoms in Jerusalem. Within such superior aristocracy, races are almost redundant. DNA is a matter of choice with predilection recognizing its own destiny and origin within.

All that is delicious and beautiful is good; happiness within includes magnificent splendor. The farthest reaches of such flourish was demonstrated for us in the land of Canaan. First, however, we had to endure 40 years of refining. When we had attained t0 royalty there soon began a tragic sweeping away; the diaspora was needed to refine us all over again.

In the same way that sperm reaches an egg with 10,000 applicants applying for victory, democracy would hardly be up to the task of deciding the race. A school room cannot vote for its master. The Declaration of Independence erred in presuming that people have rights inalienable. It's not too hard to alienate God with life and liberty loss eventually following. The reigns of Clinton and Obama almost took every right away, with rule by the ignoble following.

Still, dispersed kingship will in spirit cluster, always somewhere, waiting for its time. An England arose towards its manifest destiny; the very pillow of Jacob crisscrossed with the Son of Spirit at Glastonbury and Westminster Abbey. The imperialism that followed deposited such seeds in an agony of even further revitalization.

Further even, in secret places yet unperceived, in Russia, in Nigeria, wherever there is a striving upward instead of downward, there is Jew and Israelite, and Kingdom whispers. Zion and the spirit behind the line of David.

Even more, some people are a kingdom in and of themselves. They come without titles but still are of the line. POTUS Donald is such a one.

Such gold is beyond money; even the rich can be of the most vile and degraded class. These are the poor in spirit. and truth.

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