Inferiority starts with atheism and moves backwards from there. The gentleman on the left is an example. Even if you do believe in the great I AM, you may have no complete idea what you believe because you are not studying and challenging yourself. You must feel the Truth in your soul.

There is either prophecy or there is nothing. If prophecy is reliable the Israelite is on his way. The reconciliation of the Ten to the Two must occur. Who is this Israelite? He is of course a Jew; and he is of course all of Jacob at the same time. We all sleep on Jacob's Pillow. He is certainly Yeshua and brothers. While Christians are theoretically more empowered than the step by step instructions of the Law, they are definitely not there yet. Still, Goyem they can not be either; though many clearly are.

Many voices have been silenced by usurpers in a great conspiracy against the eternal throne promised to David. The Romans were ever the scourge of every good thing. All the hopes of Jacob's ladder were exchanged for prominence in the communal lavatory of excretory earthly power; Romans believed in authoritarian rule by superior men.

The Whore of Babylon knows how to play her Johns.

Her clients ______

______ were always Nazis. Pope Pius the XII had a sense of monarchical authority even though known as a "bag of bones"; and, monarchy is what it is all about. The kings shall emanate from the tribes of Asher, Dan, Ephraim, Gad, Issachar, Manasseh, Naphtali, Reuben, Simeon, and Zebulun. The Law was to come from Judah and Benjamin. Nothing was said about Rome except mention of her whoredom. This, I suppose, would make

Constantine a pimp.

Then there are the British. Producing the ______

________ most obvious and powerful kings; they fought their kingship out in the War of the Roses: It appears that James the VI king of Scotland and (as James the I) king of England was the last pure example. As the son of Mary, queen of Scots, and a great grandson of Henry the VII, King of of both Ireland and England, he was positioned to eventually accede to all three thrones. He was, in any case, the instigator of the King James Version of the Bible.

The battle goes back long before that. For example, there was Edward the first. He undid much of what had been accomplished by the Magna Charta, that civil rights demand against the unpopular King John of Robin Hood lore. This kind of shows where his heart was; and believe me, aristocracy in its true form is all about the heart and not the genes.

With a little help from Pope Innocent the Third, Edward the I managed not only to strengthen authoritarianism, he also managed to lose the Fourth Crusade.

See, nothing is different: you either do it with specific instructions from the Divine Force, or you do it by your Holy Spirit indwelling; or else you're not going to get anywhere!

Regardless of how the monarchy in England twisted, turned, and fought their way into being, one thing is clear: families become unimportant when they get their luck from Satan. Today there is a noticeable decline in Divine Right tied, as it should be, upon Righteousness. We have no idea why, Queen Elisabeth's husband, Prince Phillip once announced that he wanted to reincarnate as a deadly virus, but it certainly doesn't bode well.

Anyway, in today's England, usurpers of the Kingdom of Heaven, rule Un-royally, from Chatham House, The Royal Institute of International Affairs. This year, its Director, Dr. Robin Niblett (unfortunately no Robin Hood) will discuss Professor Joseph Nye's not so soft "Soft Power" EU dreams for 45 minutes at DAVOS. (January 24)

Here, the invited S-Holer, Trump, ogre that he has been pegged as, will be made to squirm. But he won't. They will!

The fatherless have not a chance. The Holy Spirit sits behind some Coronation Stone of Destiny. Perhaps the Celts did carry it away from the Phoenicians . Perhaps it; or what it was originally, really was the rock that served as a pillow for Jacob. The English stole it in 1296 and took it to Westminster.

From the Scottish of the Isle of Lewis on his mother's side, to the Bavarian of his father's, there is nothing to hinder Trump's Celtic heritage. Are Celts one of the lost Tribes? Certainly harps and kilts (perhaps a "coat of many colors") would seem to allow the possibility. Even Tolkien places special relevance on the Celts.

Did the British believe this? The Coronation Stone that was embedded in the Throne on which kings to be sat, suggests that they did.

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