Antibodies or virulent strains -- jihadists have played both roles for the doctors of "peace&qu

The military industrial complex hasn't thought much differently than the pharmaceutical industry: quick cures sell fast and long term deterioration keeps the business going. Even worse is when test results and disease progression monitoring are outright faked; still, this too often happens in the hospital of peace and war.

Describing US goals to one of Time Magazine's 100 most influential people: Lt. Gen. Ahmed Shuja Pasha, former head of ISI, Pakistan's highly rated intelligence service.

Trump, ever following the money, is having none of it. His New Year's tweet spoke of lies and deceit. False claims submitted will not escape his scrutiny; and as far as Pakistan is concerned, 33 billion dollars in aid has already been too much.

There is within Pakistan a germ of conspiracy to adapt to the powerful. With people like Obama, this was more of a "take a sucker" for a ride thing. Both the present ISI head, Lt. Gen. Zahir ul-Islam, and his predecessor, Lt. Gen. Ahmed Shuja Pasha, are well aware of the history of Afghanistan's relationship with the west.

The Battle of Tora Bora was designed to be a quick cure for a quick dip in a the cesspool of foreign policy engineering. It was gloriously brought to conclusion by the gallant President of the United States: Barrack Obama in Abbottabad on May 2, 2012.

From the time that the Soviet Union decided to deter US interference in its backyard, it wanted to gain a strategic foothold in Southwest Asia. It had to make an attempt to control a radical Islam emanating from out of Iran; and it had to try to secure an ideologically-friendly regime in the region. At this time there was a powerful cabal of elitists around Brezhnev These remind one of those who played a similar, if somewhat reversed role, in guiding the the Bush Family.

Similarly, the Haqqani Network has used North Waziristan area of Pakistan as a base to launch attacks on Afghanistan since 2001.

Intelligence agencies and ruses go hand in hand. Today, the Haqqani Network still festers virulently in the same old wounds kept open by too many doctors splitting fees with the same old mortuary. History is a showboat of odd productions designed to engineer a particular result.

There is a circus of memes that ride on top of this; and if you learn not to swallow anything that we refer you to on this site, please don't swallow the idea that history is made without its propaganda machinery working.

A Note on Don't Swallow This and its aims:

The idea now is to provide access to material that is so upsetting to the directors of the global community that subscribers must access it in a number of less "in your face" ways. I've been banned from posting three times already, starting with the Las Vegas Shooting/Lockheed Martin post.

One of the best ways is through peer to peer "virtual" networks between users and friends. This must include authenticated and encrypted end to end VPN tunnels. The assurance of privacy are the public keys, exchanged. Virtual network interfaces are available for Windows and Unix/Linux TUN/TAP devices which capture and inject the encrypted packets.

First of all, we want to gather a group of founding subscribers. This could best be accomplished by establishing email feeds first.

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