The rising cake of populism is almost ready. Though 2018 has many busy little hands damping the burners and trying to squash the celebration; the mood is upbeat.

Whether a celebration will go off in Tehran remains to be seen. 50,000 to 60,000 were on the streets from Thursday onward; but, there are signs of push-back, even rumors of live rounds fired over heads. It may be so that the "rising wave of popular protest" (DEBKA") will have to hire a party planner to make some space for the festivities.

Vice-President Jahaniri, a close Rouhani ally, said: "Those who are behind such events will burn their own fingers if they think they will hurt the government." The "Government" has an unlimited amount of hubris.

Perhaps the heroic Iranians can get this done, at least in time for Nooroos (Persian New Year 2018) which starts in March.

When we think of populists in control having parties, we can't help but think of Budapest and Vienna, the old, and now new again, bulwarks of European civilization. Sebastian Kurz, at 31, represents Europe's future. Viktor Orban is 54; but he's been guiding Hungary (since even before 2010: 1993) through the shark infested waters of Europe's dark ages. We are also reminded here that another Sebastian, this time our Sebastian, Sebastian Gorka, hails from there. He's a true American hero, fighting and leading the resistance to the Swamp in the spirit of Andrew Breitbart.

Since Orban and Kurz have insults in common coming from the likes of George Soros and the'"Economist" (the NWO's femme fatale of sugar coated global authoritarianism, we can take their recommendations to the bank. Party on, gentlemen. Wherever you may be.

Perhaps, waiting in the wings?

If you're waiting for subscriptions, we're working towards it. Looks like it will be around the first week in January, 2018.

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