Christmas, though an ancient scheme to incorporate a useful Christianity into revitalizing the Roman Empire's ability to dominate the world, has long ago, popularly turned the tables on these malefactions.

Christmas became a time to dwell on love and niceness, simply good cheer in the spirit of Charles Dickens and Donald Trump; to be accomplished sincerely!

Although Hanukkah did not exactly coincide this year, our brotherly holiday season was again more Norman Rockwell. With Santa Trump fast in his sleigh, gifts twinkle up sugar plum visions, anticipations abounding.

Yet Grinch plots still scheme to steal back happiness and return us to dismal times of yore. It was a lonely, boring imprisonment, wasn't it? Our very scary institutional foster care kind of world was far from any sincerity.

Today our traitorous sharks charge at any scent of blood, gnawing in fear that peace and prosperity might starve them out. They scream for their contrived, immorally faked, morality rights.

Surely, for example, Israel's magnificent Netanyahu, supported by Trump's and King Salman's new Middle East vision, easily looms as a probable joy to the whole world. Who'd not benefit except the malicious?

Even this startling turn around is fought against by some of Israel's own: They are the same kind of social simulators who threw their children into the furnaces of Moloch and worshiped Ba'al.

Today this evil Synagogue of Satan, along with ancient Roman imperialism, combines with communist China and Iranian terror to blow our newly built free will creativity house down by any means possible.

What would a Messiah at Christmas really think? All that we can independently surmise, and which no vicarious guru or wizened sage can tell us, deliberately leaves us guessing.

The Christ theorem, if published in a science journal, would start with Christ's definition of reality as an entirely fluid concept, manageable by force field, say, LMF (little faith like a mustard seed).

This field reflects and unites with the Spirit of existence: Love, Light, Life. It is a builder force which must also hold back entropy. It must re-balance structure and light after creating new elements of progress inside of themselves

Thus, joining with a realization of our present four forces: gravity, electromagnetic, strong and weak nuclear (probably more to come), this growing perception of Truth might easily encompass the theory of everything and guide it.

Actually, the force of light and life, the force of love, are very simple postulates easy to believe. If you can grasp them, you can begin to envision the unnameable other than just by reputation or historical effect.

God's will, plan of salvation, all manifest themselves within the dynamics of such forces and can hone in on any dogma, lighting it up by an epiphany of ever more reasonable sounding hypothesis.

Should we begin proving the theory experimentally? Should we theorize our way into greater understanding? Well, according to the text book, there is a choice between milk and meat. The, once Sanhedrin master, Paul, advocated weaning from the former in favor of the latter.

However, if you are, or ever remain a baby, OK. Failure to grow will not kill you. Retardation, like all infirmities, will eventually heal. Reach up any way you can!


Speculatively, a dimension, from our present perspective might be seen as a Newtonian beginning recognizing a Quantum other. Dimensions are simply different facets of what we perceive to be reality. Thus, whether you explore points on a coordinate system or attributes of construct or concept, dimensions are variable descriptions of perception attitude. In Newtonian mechanics, for example, time equations are symmetric. In Quantum mechanics, time is perceived as flowing in one direction according to the laws of thermodynamics; in other words, it is flowing in the direction of increasing entropy.

Super-string Theory, specifically, requires 10 dimensions, with a fundamental 11 having preceded it in M- Theory, which itself subsumed 5 previously distinct super-string theories. These may evade our ken by being "curled up" at such tiny scales as to be imperceptible to experimentation.


From the Christ text book, there are at least 3 dimensions, enter-able within your heart. Paul suggests he may have made it into the third. That would perhaps be the incorruptible nature.

In any case, speculation and "what if" thought experiments are not out of bounds. Hmm, not unless you know better and deliberately transgress on the side of falsehood, become unpardonable, as some of our more political pseudo-world savers have done.

What thinking enabled readers should have begun, at least by the 20th century, is to project corroborative phenomenological postulates into a quantum dimension. That would have prevented a great falling away.

Instead intellectuals were expected to perceive Christ theologically as the infallible dogma of some charismatic Amway salesman or a sanctimoniously imposing Patriarch. Revivals or cathedrals where you have to park your brains outside the circus tent or the hallowed museum contravene "come,, let us reason together."

We also should be wondering how we will ever learn to walk if we expect some Big Brother to carry us to and through school, just because he can.

Remember the story of Jesus carrying Peter across the sea? You wish!

He needed to at least try to take his first baby steps by himself. Grace does not consist of bellhops offering room service in heaven or some public spoon feeding of homogenized education without effort.

If you want to join in Christ's sufferings, then struggle to overcome that which crucified him: general stupidity and lack of creative insight. Christians don't like to think? Well, perhaps that's because not many think of themselves as being Jewish. Peter was, and always will be, part of the Tribe. Zion is very much a dimension of reality.

We will pick apart spirit and matter. The spirit of a thing, semantically, provides us with a continuum that is integral. The old school spirit and the Holy Spirit exemplify processes of similar composition measured by intensity.

Most of all, we'll try to lean from overlap. What various theorems in our Judaeo-Christian experience could contribute to the other's illuminatingly?

Again this is available in-depth by a subscription process coming soon.

This is also a time to forge our communications systems, link up within our own communications networks, cover news, insights and explore support methodologies. Stay tuned!


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