If you are Man, then you are predestined to recognize your environment within the spirit of that existence in which you have eternally resided. If you are animal, you must find the overriding species of your tribe and learn to adjust your semi-humanity to it. For example, a semi-dog must not be allowed to vote for dog food. Indeed, man is a half-step between man and God, primarily because he descended from that particular family weaned in the Garden of Eden. Neanderthals and other half steps, promulgate on the animalistic side.

Now when it comes to epigenesist endeavors, there is more validity in this than in racial theorizing. Race, alone, can readily include both species. By the power of Satan, ani-man was created to be a fly in the ointment of God. This is the case in Israel, the chosen Zion of God. The Palestinians are largely animals subverted by economic husbandry and racial rabble rousing to inflict harm on their betters. If that upsets you, you are likely more predominantly animal.

If you are upset due to structured religion's seemingly right reasons; consider Jesus in Matthew 15:26 “It is not meet to take the children’s bread and throw it to the dogs.” Now, if the Samaritans were dogs, what would the Assyrians, for example, have been? Worse than dogs. Gentiles, then, are worse than dogs. Dogs, in case you didn’t know (or are a Hillary supporter) are not human.

Charles Darwin unleashed a debate, that perhaps was indicative of globalist aims, and which revolved around the question of utilitarian evolution of the big brain. Alfred Russel Walace was his sounding board; and subsequent participants have guessed that big brain was for making tools and weapons, until, that is, it was discovered that chimps and apes did that as well.

Well, since the objective was to provide a backdrop for cultural egalitarianism, language capacity, and cooperative social prowess was hazarded as a guess. Then, Nicholas Humphrey showed that many primates who live in societies also use their brains for this purpose. The guess, that brains are needed for subsistence technology, he argued, made both chimps and larger primates lazy from too much simplicity. Nevertheless, he was open to considering social life as a factor. Social life and economic activity feed back on one another.

Perhaps, but culture is more of a private affair according to Eric Fromm. He makes note of the fact that man is an example of life becoming very aware of itself. Man’s past, present, and future (death) makes for an awareness of smallness, powerlessness. Others, are either friends, enemies, or strangers; but the quest for transcendental potential becomes personal, private, and of paramount importance.

All this is important for two reasons: technology is getting big enough in its britches that bio-genetic weapons are theoretically feasible. Also, pressed to the wall, globalist utopians are finding it hard to counter Donald Trump's martial arts moves against them. The hope for 'Wunderwaffen' to save them, is always on their mind. Ask Adolph; he'll be on dontswallowthis(com) and you-tube soon.

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