California Dreaming --It Seems the American Dream Started With It.

The American Dream, wherever it started, was rescued by Donald J. Trump. That's why deliberate fire keeps the artillery barrage focused on a changing target. That kind of fire is not limited to fake news and allegations, it can actually come in the form of consuming 'natural' conflagrations.

Hitler accuses and Trump refuses to take the slur: Roy Moore support is doing its job; a private spy network (functioning here and abroad) will take up that slack the deep, deep swamp sea of government intelligence still bathes in.

Why does Trump need a private intelligence network? Because, unlike Nixon, Donald is fighting an international war machine which is still, in part, in control of this country. If it was ever popularly elected, it was elected by subterfuge and mind slaughter.

Now, who are these internationalists who have so conspired? They are those that would play God, either assuming there is none; or, that Satan is the stronger deity. No, it is God who destroys the unrepentant by water or by fire. Sorry bunny O'Bammy, actually, Satan is stopped cold when trying such harm and reduced to offering his urine as a replacement for water.

All a little cryptic, these allusions to the news day (Dec. 8th, 2017)? If you are up to speed you won't have to read in depth background material on "dontswallowthis" .... but please do anyway.


Deliberate Fire is artillery fire which is conducted at a rate intentionally less than at the normal rate for purposes of applying adjustment corrections between each salvo. This is done for tactical reasons. Arson is another kind of fire.

If you are thinking about the Santa Ana winds fueling flames, you are not far off. We had a good example of this kind of arson in Israel last year; the easiest terrorist act is one that blends into the "act of god' arena and blameable on prevailing conditions.

Nevertheless, this sort of thing can take on much more sinister dimensions. We are talking about directed energy used to start blazes.

Look at the internet pictures of small blue circles in the sky. Lasers give off those circles. This kind of technology can give fire a telltale weirdness. Fires that burn houses and spare surrounding trees; Fires that leave pristine car hoods while melting everything else, indicate precisely the kind of anomalies that laser start and synchronized continued use via reciprocal guidance would indicate

Highly focused energy (“light guns”) were developed by DARPA and other Armament Research agencies to fight off incoming missiles and other such useful endeavors. However, when even bathtubs and toilets melted in the fires, something that doesn’t happen in an open-air fire, we might assume we are being shown the power of the gods.

After all, we intuit power from gods to be sufficiently awed to take them as our task masters. Whether that power comes in the form of a Coke bottle falling out of a Cessna over the rain forest, or next year's science project amplified this year, directed energy melts glass, wires, and grids.

Laser ignition, for example, is an alternative method for igniting mixtures of fuel and oxidizer. The phase of the mixture can be gaseous or liquid. The method is based on a laser ignition device that produces short but powerful flashes regardless of the pressure in the combustion chamber.

In the case of fire starting, or firing up the conditions of a started fire, ignition lasers are just the thing. Conditions would be exacerbated by firing up the fire that was started, and results would cascade exponentially. So, the Santa Ana winds would be the cover and aid to a process designed for optimization of the disaster.

Now let;s go to the edge of Trump's laser keen political dream: making government great again. This will have to include Roy Moore. POTUS' private team of advisors was hard at work today:

Breitbart's enclave of secret advisors couldn't be more powerful. Sebastian Gorka, is the worlds leader in asymmetric warfare; and that is what Donald Trump is also playing politically and foreign policy wise.

That team still includes General Flynn; believe or not! Flynn was a willing scapegoat alright; but he will prove to be only a temporary one. Just like Putin, Trump is a master of political martial arts.

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