We may be talking about multiples of individual persons, but we are, popularly, only concerned with the individual rights, advantages, and sustenance opportunities of each one of us separately. In this way, populism is more of a private affair and private populism can in no way be conceived of as a government scheme instigated at the behest of some masses. It has, unfortunately, been portrayed as left/right rabble rousing (Hitler or Chavez, i.e.) for populist movements that seek to right some proffered ill and quickly produce an even worse one. In its more intrinsic, intimate, more existentially private sense, populism can’t be even be accused of seeking advantage for a particular group because advantage for all underlies its motivating precepts. As Immanuel Kant phrased it philosophically: we humans end in ourselves and must therefore treat others as "ends in themselves". By “ends” we mean that any popularly initiated action which perceives an ill or yearns for a good, must not only be part of the means employed for achieving this end, but also must have results delivered back to itself. In this way, achieving some union of proposed end, means of accomplishment, and end benefit, makes us all great. This kind of thing can even take on spiritual dimensions with ramifications in the metaphysical realm. For example, a populist view of both Judaism and Christianity would expect human salvation to occur by means of a union between divinity, humanity, and man’s given free will; and then deliver it back to man’s former states, upgrading their beginning existential, perhaps even dimensional, condition. As I read it, that’s exactly what it promises. On the other hand, politics and subjugation theology always manage to achieve such delivery to distant ends rather than back to beginnings, gaining power over you so that your present existential misère and its distant future salvation will seem to depend on their interpretations and ministrations. If you go to pot or natural luck goes against you: you’ve let the dogma down. As far as communism, sin, stupid statist wars and Catholicism go, the best illustration of this is found in a play by Bruno that was made into, first, a silent film, and then into a 1933 Jimmy Stewart and Simone Simon vehicle called Seventh Heaven. Have a look and tell me that I’m wrong if you can.


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