Exploring the Amazing World of ISIS

A child of many fathers with many changing names, it's been more than 16 years since 911 (ostensibly perpetrated by the same al Qaeda put in place by US intelligence to thwart Russia's Afghanistan operation) led to the US invasion of Afghanistan.

On the date of this writing, Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps issued a statement accusing Saudi Arabia of masterminding a coordinated attack on the Iranian parliament and on the tomb of Ayatollah Khomeini. They blamed the assault on the POTUS Trump's deal making visit which has changed direction in the Middle East.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack. With the understanding that it is never the "gun" that hits a target but the shooter who aims it, we'll begin with the understanding that one weapon can have many users and many different hands on it.

Because intelligence operatives often have many political ideologies behind the "terror gun" and also often have overlapping agenda's, we'll start by taking a look at why and how Barack Obama killed Hafiz Saeed Khan by drone strike in Afghanistan in July of 2016. What, exactly was in his mind? We will try to find out.

Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence agency is purportedly one of the best in the world and Hafiz Saeed Khan originated in Pakistan's Orakzai tribal belt. To some extent we have (or are creating) an ISIS of Pakistan. This is the result of pushing the "gun" past its intended envelope: an uncontrollable emergence as a tool for all hands.

Creating ISIS out of al Qaeda occurred around 2015 when the idea that a recreated Islamic State just might be the vehicle of choice for deposing Syria's president Assad who for years had held the key to EU and UN globalist goals (they probably planned the migration crisis long years before). Starting with the Bush family, a lot of this also had to do with oil and gas.

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