The Truth About Factions

We are expected to know who is who in a world that really has only three main factions.: *man's *God's and *Satan's.

Within these, three Theo-philosophical starting points ... three types of schools developed early on: There are the chess players, the shamanists, and the sorceres. The adherents of a monotheistic God belong to the sorcerers. Modern technocrats play chess with man and nature. God is a source for attainment and at the same time a source of righteousness.

Making sense out of the similar meme rhetoric that everyone employs today is difficult. Everyone is for God, Country, and Family Values. Everyone is a patriot. Everyone is whatever turns the button until they find out that you're not willing to do what they say on account of it. Then they must demonize you!

There are excellent techniques to tell them apart. Dialectic analysis is a methodology that amplifies and magnifies until cognizance kicks in. Journalistic pathology is a way to trace meme direction and adherence to formative goals with view towards bias identification or manipulative intent.

Read the in depth analysis in E-book form: "Factions In Fact" $8.98

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