All's Fair in Love and War -- As Long As Productivity Results!

The goal of the ultimate economy and the goal of the ultimate war is similar to the actual goal of sexual union: productivity. At least that would be God's take. God is very much not a sportsman.

Considering everything, God might be said to be a cold heartless arrogant bastard. We can get away with saying that last part because being the same from beginning to end or from infinity to infinity, we would not be able to find God's daddy.

As to the productivity of war, it would be annihilation. As to the productivity of sex, the fun is there only to get you going. As to the productivity of the economy .... read the rest of the article by downloading the E-book: "THE ULTIMATE DEAL" ----- $8.99.

Here's a blurb:

Free trade, globalization, free immigration, cultural liberalism, and hedged bets are like egalitarianism itself: the opposite of what it takes to produce anything.

Lack of productivity leads to bad debt which requires more hedging and derivative bundling to pass risk and loss on to somebody else. So productivity is doubly stifled.

However, since productivity creates prosperity, it seems that risk must be enhance3d in order to combat the stagnation within safety. Going whole hog on risk is very much akin to warfare. If nobody has any motive for wining and strategic advantage can be achieved without it, it is not really a war, it is the stagnation of the trenches.

Is riskless war possible? So far, such a thought can only be glimpsed at when one considers Jihadist warfare or Kamikaze capitalism, and productivity would have to be considered at the extremes of their plausibility.

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