When the Academy Fails -- What to do when you discover that your educational system has deliberately

The shadow of darkness and evil has fallen over the Academy. Plato's Republic has failed. International institutions have infiltrated humanity and created a new breed of zombie to replace it.

The petrified snowflake is pathetic. Seemingly fresh and new, it is only the encrustation of ancient memes taken with pot and John Lennon like slobbering. The only time those dreams ever took shape is when they were enforced by the Stasi or by some Hugo Chavez.

A fool and his soul are soon parted; but why, even if you have no soul, would you be against the good things in life? Education and knowledge are some of the best things in life and they are fun!

According to the Hindus there are three paths one can take: the way of step by step control (very boring), the way of experimentation and an open mind (sometimes failing), and the path of becoming a creative and competent being.

Alas, most human creatures want to flitter in the superficial and wallow like a fat whore in the given and the prescribed! Eating what has been prepared for you educationally is about as bad as eating glyphosates in genetically engineered soybeans; not very healthy for the development of wisdom and depth of understanding. To read more, download the E-book "When the Academy Fails" $8.98

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