David's Sling and Biafra's Rock

The "indigenous" people of Biafra are indigenous to the lost tribes of Israel; and so, they suffer even more than most in a land given over to Islamic blasphemy. In this they are typical of the world at large, yearning to be free of a political system masquerading as a religion. Even more so, in their case, Islam is a direct insult to the one god, Hashem, who's name cannot be uttered and whose directions and protections have been vital to their existence for thousands of years.

Even so they are the heart of what "He who is that He may be" has in mind to revitalize the world around . It's called Zion; and, it is synonymous with prosperity and peace. For the Middle East ... and certainly for the continent of Africa who's productivity has always sustained man.

Read more by downloading the E-book: "David's Sling and Biafra's Rock" $8.98.

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