Don't Swallow Dr. WHO's Eugenics Vaccination Plan!

Doctor Who Strikes Again!

--- Don’t Swallow Dr. WHO --- Eugenics Watch! ----

A few multinational companies used to dominate the production of vaccines until WHO (The World “Health” Organization) started prequalifying manufacturers from India and China (and some other emerging economies) to make the drugs cheaper and quicker.

According to Jincheng Zhang, representative for PATH’s China Programs, the growth of China’s vaccine industry is “a very positive development for global health, as governments and international procurement agencies will be able to afford more life-saving vaccines and thus protect more lives”.

However, Dr. WHO’s stamp of “prequalified” approval does not mean that these vaccines will be consistently safe, effective and of high quality because one of the hidden agendas of globalist intent is to eliminate 90% of human life on earth by 2030. (As mandated by the Club of Rome in 1960).

The fact that these drugs were recommended for bulk purchase by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in 152 low and middle-income countries, the GAVI Alliance – is a travesty. It is even more tragic in that instantaneous death is not programmed for either. In order not to get caught, death, or reduction in reproductive capacity, must occur gradually over time. This strategy also funds itself by kickbacks into itself; government mandate enforces success.

When WHO pre-qualified a Chinese-made vaccine for the first time, the move showed what Chinese vaccine manufacturers could potentially achieve for Dr. Who. This paved the way for others to follow suit.

“The prequalification of the Japanese encephalitis vaccine in China was a big step forward, and then several other Chinese producers became interested in obtaining prequalification for their vaccines,” says Melissa Malhame, whose team at the GAVI Secretariat in Geneva works with vaccine manufacturers around the world to ensure sufficient supply of high quality vaccines at affordable prices. Established, major vaccine makers also located in China or other places where less stringent controls were possible and greater profits could be made.

The vaccines are dirty! The stoppers on the vials are, mostly, not inert; they leach. Quantities of mercury, formaldehyde, and other contaminates or profit advantageous additives and fillers have been reported. These joint venture companies are also in a good location to comply with testing and trials requirements. The big pharmaceutical companies that control this have almost unlimited power; they employ powerful lobbyists; they are in most cases well represented in all the major watchdog organizations. Often a revolving door exists between the oversight agencies and the Pharmaceutical industry in terms of management positions in agency, and then in manufacturing company. Pending International Trade agreements will give these arrangements even more support and power!

What is worse; governmental legislation does not only protect the manufacturing process; in many cases it forces inoculation on populations at a heretofore unheard of level. Infants are being required to take multiple shots at one sitting; this overwhelms their systems and in most cases they must be revived. The purpose of this is purely local greed sanctioned by international eugenics philosophies.

In the United States, mandatory vaccination policies have already taken root in several states. This, despite the fact that many of these schedules and products have markedly increased the rise of autism, from one in 15,000 in the seventies, to one in 50 cases today. Idiots will probably not reproduce; and in any case, will not be able to do much in terms of resistance to global designs.

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