Second Hand Christianity

Think: Barbara Streisand’s “Second Hand Rose” here: “Even Christ the Savior, He’s the Man I adore; he had the nerve to tell me they once made Him a Vatican bore!”

No, Jesus had no Vicars and was no one’s whore; not even those who claim him as a personal bell boy. He used no middle men to sell his (or their) spiel. He didn’t go around looking for Amway salesmen from Texas or Oklahoma to push his message in giant revival tents or Staple’s Centers. Anyone that thinks like that is not a real Christian in a Biblical sense, and, perhaps, ought to be selling brushes or Ponzi schemes.

Jesus made statements that were very much self-explanatory; and those are either true or they are not. You either accepted them for what they were; or you walked away; and He let you. That was up to you. What was known about the statements of Jesus, was recorded! You accept the Bible or there is nothing else to accept; unless you want to make up your own ideologies. Some people do. You can imagine anything you want, there’s no limit to what you can deeply come to believe from within your own imagination; although, this is often a time wasting insanity.

If you think that Christianity is a formula for social adjustment leading to some Utopia; you are definitely unaware of a real Christ. If you think that Jesus was some love sick nerd who died on a cross so you would feel sorry for him and accept him as your senior prom date; you are way off base. If you want to sniff Jesus juice with the surfer dudes; you haven’t read the Bible. If you think that Jesus was looking for altar calls from repentant alcoholics who wailed and cried; no, Jesus did not die on the cross for the AA (although He doesn’t too terribly mind if you use Him for that). The Messiah, however, promised salvation to the Children of Israel (and such others as would come along to stand in their place). Salvation was a specifically stated condition. It was the reversal of the Fall. It was an end to corruption of the flesh and to death. It was transcendence and it was transfiguration demonstrated.

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Jesus died to reveal the nature of error and lack (sin) and to point out that the Law had painted by .numbers what the Holy Spirit would/could do for itself.

He wasn’t killed other than that He allowed it .... and certainly not by anyone in particular --- just the usual sinners (people with erroneous views) that abound everywhere. He proffered salvation as a union of Spirit and Matter within himself (Son) as he was united within the God (Father).

He did so as the son of Man (our earthly Brother). The results of these unions and intertwining(s) were proffered to put an end to the corruption of nature; therefore, they led both to the salvation of the individual and to the existential salvation of the human condition generally. This is either true, or it isn’t. If it isn’t, as Paul said: Our faith is in vain.

Nevertheless, the Bible is so vast that it is easily adopted to any other purpose that sounds vaguely as if it might relate. It is often unintentionally rewritten, just by “feels right” additions. It is often rewritten by evangelists on the pulpit of revival who mistakenly confuse that which leads to success in terms of conversion numbers for the Gospel message.

CHAPTER ONE [Excerpt]-- Free Will

Often, the Bible is used politically. For example, Thomas Jefferson actually rewrote the Bible once. He also wrote most of the Declaration of Independence, and that was a little off from Biblical principles as well: The idea that "all men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain (in)alienable rights" is not actually corroborated in Scripture. Even unconditional rights are hard to come by (unless by covenant) in the Good Book. The right to life (which the Creator can take at any time), liberty (which can only be tied in as free will), and the pursuit of happiness (the most radical assertion) are, theologically at least, somewhat presumptuous.

The concept of Religious freedom that got hooked into the United States Constitution might also have benefited from a little more farsightedness and clarity in definition. If you don’t believe in the Judaic-Christian concept, there is not much that can be done along tolerance for different belief lines. I don't suppose that many people of the time would have automatically thought Satanism and Sharia Law to be religious options.

Neither, by the way, would Catholicism have been too readily contemplated as a religious option in the original colonies. Having grown up in Boston, I often think of Catholicism as an Italian Mafia/Irish Jimmy Bolger consortium; which is, of course what Catholicism actually was: The Theo-mafia of the middle ages, complete with extortion rackets and all.

Now the False Prophet, the cynical Jesuit, has stepped in those same shoes, there, to lead us to a one world religion called Ecumenical Revisionism; just as it was prophesied. The fisherman, turns out to be the devil.


Well, George Washington kind of put the finishing touches on all kinds of Christianity (anyway as far as the United States was concerned) when he told the Barbary Pirates (the ISIS of his day) that the United States is not a Christian nation in order to secure the Treaty of Tripoli.

Was history anticipating Benghazi? Wow! What must the Tories, who at least had Anglicanism to define religion by, have thought of that ploy: "Frightfully bad form old boy! What was this ‘revolution’ about, again?"

By the way, aristocracy is an undeniable tenant of Christianity. There is also a clear gentrification message in the precepts and tenants of the Christian way: an ennobling that, once, chivalrous knights tried to emulate.

CHAPTER TWO [Excerpt] The Aristocracy of the Way

From Christianity’s seeds in Glastonbury, (the idea and legend still acknowledged that through a trip the young Jesus' took with His Uncle) we have a Jesus connection to early Britain; and then we also have some inkling of British Israelite concepts through the ancient lore of the Celts.

Such concepts led to the Coronation Stone and other Kingship underpinnings. Aristocracy is implied in: “You shall be a Royal Priesthood, to rule and reign with Christ.” “Out of Israel will come the Kingship. Out of Judah will come the Law.”

To have such promise, though, you’d have to be a Son of God and not a slave ... one of the "first of many brothers." Although, slaves are accepted as well (even Muslims, should they see the truth and repent) it was through the Son of Man who was a Child of Israel the free man and heir .... that salvation through a non politically correct Messiah would eventually be realized.

Peter knew this while he followed Jesus as a man. “On this rock,” Jesus said a church would built: His church; but, not by having a Basilica built on top of Peter’s bones instead of his simple and insightful faith. That’s what Jesus meant. Great try though, innovative thinking; maybe “merit” badge points?

CHAPTER THREE [Excerpt]- The Great Tribulation

Now, as we head for the Great Tribulation; which, by the way, does not include the rapture (a bit of reading comprehension missing there [that’s at the second coming]); we must be certain of what the Bible actually says; for we are desperately in need of the supply side salvation especially the Holy Spirit side of Christ as applies in the here and now.

That means works! Works are not merely random acts of charity however; they are metaphysical transcendentalism (miracles). Is love possible without Holy Spirit insight and ability to make suffering for compassion's sake possible? Of course not. This is where the rubber meets the road. “Without works your faith is dead.” Luckily (via Grace) we need only get to where Peter was to be effective.

The Catholic church has really messed up a lot of understanding. It is an example of inadvertent anti-Christ thinking that comes to those who lose their Spirit. There are, of course, ever a remnant of individual believers that make up for this personally. Usually, however, this is not a Bible believing church; and, in it, neither are individual believers encouraged to develop Holy Spirit functioning based on scripture.

The spiritually dead masses need to go to the mass; there the Vicar will manage the mysteries.

So now we are stuck in these really horrible extraneous believer’s clubs, cults, and politically sanctioned government outlets and 501-c muffled profit machines.

An Anti-Tribulation Force should be as an Army of One that works as an army throughout all. It either flies or it never takes off. No Spruce Goose, (which technically flew in ground effect), will be sufficient here. No seeing with spiritual eyes the golden plates or believing that after death we will go off on Hale Bob!

This is it: Sink or Swim. There is no magic ticket we can buy to wait in a station with, until the train to glory arrives. Neither will we be rewarded for choosing a Jesus platform to vote for.

We are at war now and must beat our plows back into swords. (Jesus has some awesome weapons: try the flaming sword, for example: is that covered by the Second Amendment? Of course it is:

“The Letter of the law leads to death; the Spirit of the law gives life.” Intelligence is also not to be spurned; it is, after all the Light of God. So, with an eye single to and wholly in focus we must be the next Sons of God made in our Father’s image and following in our Big Brother’s footsteps; because Salvation is both instantaneous and progressive at the same time, and all the time; and because, now, we must grow up fast. Lock and Load; Rock and Roll, give the Devil Hell.

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