Jihad versus Aggressive Belief

The Islamic calendar is based upon the aggressive hijrah (we say: aggressive, because Hegria is a flight from danger; and Hijrah is a Muslim's pilgrimage to Mecca; and, since Mohammed’s migration from Mecca to Medina occurred because it was a journey supposed to lead to the creation of jihad in Medina; and, after all, it was jihad, alone, that made Islam triumphant. Then there is the jihad of money, writing and speech. An example is using Islamic money to build departments in universities that will support Sharia and never criticize Islam. These two current tactics, however, rest upon an unseen spectrum above: who deliberately allows these tactics to succeed and who covertly benefits from them? We assume this all encompassing oversight to involve an energy we call global dominance. This power is so refined, that it can work in our midst like a shell game operator at a carnival. We see everything; but we don’t believe it’s there. Belief is the key word here for sure; because on every level of this manipulation, some altruistic belief is the animating dynamic. This is why we must think about what’s happening to us outside of the box that each individual part of its whole is recognized in. We all want to exist in ways that satisfy us physically, materially, psychologically, and spiritually; and, most of us understand how feeling unfulfilled in some of these categories of necessity can lead to (even demonic) overcompensation at times. Nevertheless, lust for things like security, acceptance, validity, justification, or even just the basics of life, cannot explain the obstinate fanaticism of these mutually conspiring elements; and while belief can run the gamut of everything from mild superstition to frenzied ecstasy, it is beyond doubt man’s primary security blanket in the face of what cannot be known. So, leaving aside playing the lottery on hunches and birthday numbers, we first have to guess: intelligent and involved omnipresence: yes or no? If yes: presence is benevolent (comforting and forthcoming), or not? If not, we have only two more choices: accept a malevolent god out of fear or perceived duty; or be your own saving intelligence, either individually or as part of a collective. Our would be “kings of the world mountain” types (the global socialists) are, for the most part, surprisingly inclined to accept malevolent deity. I suppose it reminds them of themselves and leaves open the possibility of personal divinity. We’ll relegate them as Luciferians. As for our former group, the benevolent higher power believers, I would say that Judaism is exemplary as it begins with Abraham leaving behind his father Peleg’s idol making business in UR, presently in Iraq, and setting out to seek the ultimate source of benevolence and salvation. However, when I say that Judaism is exemplary, I don’t just mean on account of Abraham’s quest. If HaShem were a physics theory, it would far out distance competing theories in terms of proofs and experiential results: it would point to a kind of engineering via divine guidance. Such theories as arise from the Vedic poems of Hinduism imply only a general direction of pursuit, but never (from any one of 600 plus school’s of thought) come up with any experimentally benevolent engineering results.

Buddhism, if it were a science, would be the science of turning science into a benign element if its own irrelevance; and so, becomes an irrelevant philosophy. The sequel to Judaism, however, the proffered extension of Vedic like powers through translating HaShem’s “paint by the numbers” Law, into a perfectly comprehended essence, allowing faith to achieve transcendence between the physical and the spiritual dimensions as man’s incorporation within HaShem (often perceivable as a union of spirit and matter) is achieved. The moral dimension is the “way” towards the salvation of the, necessarily corrupt nature of physical reality (decay and death). In a kind of cartoonist visualization: HaShem said: love thy neighbor! Jesus points out that if you really loved G^d and your neighbor, observance of the rest of these primary commandments would be the result. Thus: the essence, if perceived and accomplished, would make unity with G^d possible again, reversing the curse for disobedience in the Garden. Such a condition would not decay this time, because we would understand the difference between good and evil …. which is what this lengthy sojourn has been expected to accomplish.

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