Seven Years --- Peace with Tribulation

The peace treaty that he concludes with Israel and its enemies is the sign of the Anti-Christ that Christians expect. It is that turning point where the Anti-Christ does his rising from the dead thing; and then, when Jews finally realize that this False Messiah is a trickster, the die has been cast. Here's where globalism wins. Oh no; does Obama get another Peace Prize? Oh God, I hope not. The Roman Imperial Empire revived, is outlined in the Treaty of Rome in 1957 (along with a suggestion that 85% of the population be eliminated via genocide). It is easy to make peace when you control the enemy. Who controls Terrorism?

Don't swallow the Rapture; it is not coming except just before the Second Coming; read the scriptures comparatively, make them work together. The tribulation does not commence seven years before the Second Coming. The Tribulation, however, is as real as the European Union and the United nations, as dangerous as the barbarians dug up from the pit to be their enforcer arm.

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