HaShem & Sons --- The Deity Store

Hashem and sons is the sign hanging over the porch front of the deity store in the dessert. It is the only store in town.

Oh, I don’t say there isn’t any other religion to be had in our little global village; on the contrary, but this other kind is based on the viler products of the imaginative brain and the lesser virtues of coerced politics.

These alternative offerings have “Ouija board like channeling” and occult itching behind them. If you want that kind of product, you can always go to the Lizard store; the one that sits next to the head shop, the glassy emporium between the psychotropic medicines and the institute of theosophical philosophies.

Read more about how Islam came to challenge HaShem and begin the final battle to clarify man's relation to his maker. Read the E-book "Hashem & Son s"$8.95


There are the Sons of man; and, then there are the Sons of G^d. The Children of Israel were the chosen ones of HaShem. The G^d of Abraham, Issac, Jacob, are the "grounds of one's being;" but, the "the Am that I Am" of Moses' acquaintance is the No Name, the HaShem.

This is really all that makes Hashem and Sons" --- the sign hanging over the porch front of the Deity store --- the only store in town. It carries the Jewish experiential knowledge which was then translated by the Messiah, still unknown, mostly, into the transcendence, that he demonstrated unto eternal salvation. He was the Son of man who would be the first of many Sons of God; a divine new family of Royal Priests.

Everything else is a sham. Everything else is either a toy or a extortion scheme. HaShem and Sons, is the only real deal in town; it is the only business that deals in a proven product with a great track record. It is prophetically sealed; it is perfectly clear. It is perfectly explanatory. Other esoteric forces competing are either bad jokes or the Sons of Satan at work.

However, if you're a little bit insane; if you are a little bit into S & M, you could also shop at the "black market", the one behind the railroad track and next to the meteor in a box. That's where the gangs hang out; and they'll make you an offer you can't refuse. Just remember; he who accepts the mark of the Beast (Islam) can never turn back. That mark is not just the acceptance of some chip; that mark is one that the Islamist writes on his own soul by doing gross and terrible things in the name of God. Most especially doomed and damned are those who knowingly choose this evil path; while at the same time, perfectly aware of what they are doing: the unpardonable Sin. HaShem & Sons --- The Deity Store ---

CHAPTER ONE - The Next Generation: The Anti-Christ comes with his False Prophet (the Current Pope) and in collusion with the Beast: The Islam-o-fascist, globalist, Luciferien Order. How will you know who the Anti-Messiah is?

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